Relentless Recovery

Monday's @ 6:30pm

Location: Eclectic Church // “The Gathering Place" Building

“We Grow Out of the Darkness with the Son”

“We are here to help find resources, answer questions, lead people in the right direction to get help, help the ones that are in recovery, help the families of the ones who are struggling. We are here to help not judge.”
- Sairah Elizabeth

The Mission:
This mission has been passed on to us. Some people talk about “preaching the gospel” but may alienate those who need the Good News the most. We are in a unique position to share our experiences, our strengths, and our hope in a way that broken people can understand and receive it.

F.A.T. Tuesday's

A Mid-Week Bible Study

Tuesday's @ 6:30pm

F.A.T. (Faithful, Available, Teachable)

Location: Eclectic Church // “The Family Room”

A Bible Study for those who are available and hungry to learn.

The Launching Pad

"A Youth Movement"

Tuesday's @ 6:30pm

Youth: Ages 12-18 Years Old

Location: Eclectic Church // Youth and Children’s Building

Leadership: Pastor Bob & Michelle Illes, and Cynthia Yarborough

Thursday's @ 6:30pm

Marriage One

Location: Eclectic Church // “The Gathering Place” Building
Leadership: George and Debbie Pigeon

Marriage ONE is founded on Mark 10:9 “Let no ONE separate what God has joined together.” We take an introspective, no-nonsense approach to life’s struggles. We focus on the individual first and get them to think from a new perspective in order to change behaviors and attitudes.” 

- George and Debbie

The Meeting Place

Sponsored by D.O.C.

Friday's @ 6:30pm

Location: Eclectic Church // “The Gathering Place” Building

Leadership: Pastor Ray and Susan Kelley

“We are here to be a connection point for people & Jesus. We want you to know the Love of God & have a fresh experience of His presence”
- Pastor Ray Kelley

"God's Girls"

Every 3rd Wednesday @ 6:30pm

A ministry for women

Location: Eclectic Church // “The Gathering Place” Building
Leadership: Susan Kelley and Debbie Wolfe



Sundays @ 10:30am

Location: Eclectic Church Children and Youth Building

Leader: Pastor Lennette Deal and The SWAT Team

Xtra  Love
Xtra  Hope
Xtra  Joy

X-cceptional  JESUS!

XTRA KIDS is an hour of FUN, including worship, training in the Word, Puppet characters, and games that all brings each child towards a true and loving relationship with the Lord. It is a safe environment where every child can feel a place of belonging.